Development only services

Are you a graphic designer who loves to create beautiful sites, but you’re not really into coding?

I understand that for many designers, coding makes your head hurt more than it makes your heart sing.

I’ve collaborated with many designers to bring their designs to life.

Are you a business owner that loves your designer but just need someone to turn a design into a site?

I can help with that.

Your designer knows you and your brand so it makes sense to keep that relationship. I have worked with many business owners and their designers to develop beautiful sites.

Why me?

Now that’s a great question. I have a background in design so I have a good eye for detail. I’m showing my age here but I coded my first website in the mid nineties and I have been developing many sites and my skills ever since. I worked teaching HTML/CSS and web development and have worked on sites from 10 pages to 1,000 pages.

My preference is to work with layered Photoshop files but I can also work with Illustrator files. I will advise you along the way of what is possible and what isn’t. I don’t like to utilise yucky workarounds as I work hard to produce clean code that follows web and accessibility standards.

I don’t do maintenance, tweaks or fixes on sites that I haven’t developed.

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